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Ted Hogarth Collective

THC - The Kalamazoo Recordings

Ted Hogarth - baritone saxophone, clarinet, and bass clarinet

Helen Yee - violin

Matthew Fries - piano, keyboard, and accordion

Denis Shebukhov - bass

Keith Hall - drums

The Ted Hogarth Collective was formed in 2003 in Chicago to showcase original music by Ted Hogarth and members of THC. Their first recording, Misconception, was released in 2004 and featured music by Ted Hogarth and drummer and composer Darren Scorza. The recording was a stylistic departure from Ted’s previous recording that featured jazz standards in a quartet setting. With Misconception Ted and Darren strove to write music that stretched their stylistic boundaries and focus on more complex harmonic structures with an emphasis on more intricate arrangements and improvisational interaction.



Ted moved to Kalamazoo in 2016 and has fully immersed himself in the rich musical community in his adopted home. The musicians Ted performs with have deep roots in the Kalamazoo community and have their respective musical projects. They’ve grown close as friends and artistic collaborators and Ted has arranged 9 of his recent original compositions for this specific group — Matthew Fries (piano/accordion), Helen Yee (violin), Keith Hall (drums), and Denis Shebukhov (double bass). They will record THC - The Kalamazoo Recordings in May of 2024. Included in the project is Andrew Rathbun, professor of saxophone and jazz studies at Western Michigan University, who will take on the role of  Producer. All of the members of THC look forward to incorporating their personalities and ideas into the music, with the ultimate goal of expressing and communicating to achieve a cohesive group sound.

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