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I began composing when I was in my teens and experimented with melodies and harmony in jazz and pop styles. I didn’t seriously pursue composition until my mid-twenties. As an improviser, I approach composing with the idea that improvisation will be integral to the piece. Though I don’t let that interfere with the natural evolution of the piece, I want the process to be organic.


I’ve arranged my compositions for a variety of instrumentation:

  1. Jazz sextet; piano, bass, drums, trumpet/flugelhorn, trombone, and woodwinds including bass clarinet; and tenor, c-melody, and baritone saxes.

  2. Jazz quartet; guitar, bass, drums, and woodwinds.

  3. Jazz big band

  4. Woodwind ensemble

  5. Vocalist with various instrumentation



I’ve had the privilege of being commissioned to write arrangements for jazz saxophonist Mark Colby and vocalist/actress Angela Ingersoll and the vocal group Under The Streetlamp.



I am also available for transcribing projects.

Arrangements for sale

When Lights Are Low

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch


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